Share knowledge.

Work better. 

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Find the information your staff needs within three mouse clicks with our intuitive workflow-based knowledge management platform.

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Our team will walk you through our knowledge sharing platform and identify how Bizpearl can help you visualise and improve processes and find your organisation's knowledge within three mouseclicks.

What we do

Bizpearl connects people, process and technology to help you share, use and access your organisation's knowledge better. First we create an X-ray of your organisation’s processes, supporting IT systems and internal communications. We then integrate your organisation's knowledge with this X-ray so you immediately can find the knowledge you need when you need it.

Share Knowledge

Workflow based knowledge management helps you to share and retain your organisation's knowledge, improve your onboarding and increase employee engagement.

Work Better Together

Visualise and share possible process improvements, integrate compliance regulations and break down internal silos to improve your processes and performance.

Save Money

Save thousands of dollars yearly per employee, improve your productivity and improve product or service quality using workflow based knowledge management .