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About Bizpearl

We believe that organizations and teams thrive when people have clarity in roles, responsibilities and processes, communicate effectively and experience cohesion. Our mission is to add real and tangible value to you and your organization by letting people enjoy their work more focusing on improving these three elements. 

The Bizpearl Team


Bram Eekhout

Founder, CEO

Bram is Bizpearl’s lead consultant and enjoys bringing a continuous improvement mindset, a focus on reducing complexity and change management experience to the table. He loves assessing a situation, seeing the potential and creating the big picture of where we are, where we are going and what that means for people, communication and processes.


Mat Boyer

Senior Consultant

Mat is Bizpearl’s senior consultant with over 30 years in business. He brings his experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, call centre, third party collections, legal support and government. Playing a key role in the planning and implementation of 5 acquisitions during that time is what he draws off of to improve process and communication for our clients. Bringing a combination of the human element to the practical operations of your business.


Maud Severien

Associate Consultant

Maud is an experienced business process improvement and knowledge management implementation consultant. She is a very talented communicator and relationship builder. This enables her to focus together with employees on the internal communication processes and visualising these using the perspective and language from the employees themselves. Maud excels at showing the relations between people and departments within organisations and how these can be improved.


David Schreiber

Associate Consultant

David is committed to strategically optimising organisational effectiveness and empowering leadership skills that balance the needs of the four influences: The Customer, The Employee, The Share Holder, and Time. His strengths are derived from thirty plus years of observing, leading, and engaging in businesses and non-profits around the world, fueled by a Master’s degree in Leadership Studies. David gets his energy from effectively facilitating change within organisations with a strong focus on the people side of change.