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About Bizpearl

We believe in having the knowledge you need to do your job at your fingertips at all times in every situation. Bizpearl helps you to get rid of all your frustrations, wasted time and money when looking for knowledge.

That is why we combine knowledge management with business process awareness and improvement. This ensures we can create maximum value for companies and improve employee happiness at the same time. Our platform will get your teams up to speed and will keep them performing at their optimal capacity.



The Bizpearl platform and philosophy is inspired by the DEMO/PSI methodology and has been successful for many years in The Netherlands and Belgium. Now Bizpearl is bringing this platform and philosophy to North America. We are looking forward to help you share knowledge, work better together and save money!

The Bizpearl Team

Bram Eekhout

Founder, CEO

‚ÄčAlso acting as the Lead Consultant for Bizpearl, Bram brings insight, experience and leadership to the team. With over nine years of experience in process improvement and knowledge management system implementation in Europe, he is a seasoned business process improvement veteran and an expert in implementing knowledge management systems. Bram is also a proud member of the Spring Start Up Visa Cohort 2018 in Vancouver.

Theo Severien

Associate Consultant

Bringing a lot of change management and interim management experience to the table, Theo is a master of reducing complexity by bringing processes back to their essence. He is an expert in increasing collaboration and creating more coherence within organisations. Theo enjoys aligning strategic with operational goals and creating realistic implementation plans to facilitate projects focusing on both business and people growth.

Maud Severien

Associate Consultant

Maud is an experienced business process improvement and knowledge management implementation consultant. She is a very talented communicator and relationship builder. This enables her to focus together with employees on the internal communication processes and visualising these using the perspective and language from the employees themselves. Maud excels at showing the relations between people and departments within organisations and how these can be improved.

David Schreiber

Associate Consultant

David is committed to strategically optimising organisational effectiveness and empowering leadership skills that balance the needs of the four influences: The Customer, The Employee, The Share Holder, and Time. His strengths are derived from thirty plus years of observing, leading, and engaging in businesses and non-profits around the world, fueled by a Master’s degree in Leadership Studies. David gets his energy from effectively facilitating change within organisations with a strong focus on the people side of change.