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Press Release: Partnership with D-Squared Consulting

We are very happy to officially announce our strategic business alliance with D-Squared Consulting. Bizpearl is looking forward to a bright future together with D-Squared Consulting for us and for our clients!

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BURNABY, BC & KELOWNA, BC – May 13, 2019: D-Squared Consulting Principal & CEO, Denise

Wong and BizPearl Owner and lead consultant Bram Eekhout, announce their new strategic alliance that leverages each company’s unique strengths and assets to expand their reach to organizations who want to optimize business efficiency and undergo operational transformations to ensure businesses stay nimble and competitive.

Together, D-Squared & BizPearl will help organizations complete transformation, growth and improvement programs by:

1. Assessing & visualizing organizations’ current state through an “X-Ray”;

2. Diagnosing root causes and pain points;

3. Prioritizing the plan of action;

4. Facilitating & executing on the solutions; and

5. Leveraging the BizPearl Platform to enable all the above using one single platform

“For a long time, I’ve been looking for a platform or a more concrete deliverable for business process review work other than a process manual. The BizPearl platform gives a visual that is intuitive to use and won’t just sit on a shelf,” says Denise Wong. “The BizPearl platform highlights tasks and accountabilities and provides the transparency to audit processes and manage institutional knowledge. I’m ready to disrupt this area of traditional consulting,” she continues.

"I am very excited about our strategic alliance with D-Squared Consulting. Their experience, reputation and perspective on business transformations is very well aligned with our own company vision. Together we can offer complete business process improvement and transformation programs unique to Canada,” explains Bram Eekhout. “Combining D-Squared's financial and data management expertise and our focus on visualizing and analyzing business processes we see tremendous added value to our customers.”

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