Our Knowledge Management System

In a world where Fortune 500 companies lose roughly $31.5 Billion each year by failing to share knowledge, our knowledge management platform is internationally proven to find knowledge in the right context within three mouseclicks. It also improves your business processes, and saves you $2000 per employee yearly (with an average employee salary of 55K a year). Best of all, the Bizpearl Knowledge Management platform comes with plenty of other bonuses like improved change management, better informed decision making, improved employee software support and better employee retention.

Bizpearl Features

X-ray Visualization

Achieve a massive business process complexity reduction by having all your processes, internal communications and information systems and their interdepencies visualised in one single overview. 

Workflow-based Navigation

The Bizpearl platform let's you find the knowledge you need in the right context within three mouseclicks. No more unnecessary searching through long documents or search results!

Easy Feedback

Multiple feedback options like flagging missing or outdated information, rating knowledge quality and sharing views on knowledge topics keep employees engaged and create high quality and up-to-date organisational knowledge.


Create custom learning modules with built-in reporting to educate your team on (future) process changes effecting the way they do their job. Use these learning modules to improve your onboarding process as well by checking if new hires have the right knowledge level to start.

Fully Customised

Hands on experts meet with your team to learn and apply your internal enterprise language and assess your knowledge management needs to tailor the platform specifically to your business.  Linking with other platforms you might currently use is also possible.

Workflow and knowledge validation

Allow knowledge or process owners to validate workflows and content before publication to ensure quality control.


Integrate third party reference materials such as regulations, industry standards or law articles to improve your compliance and enable people to actually find these materials in the right context immediately when they need it.

Personalised Dashboards

Custom options for individual users or groups ensure that sensitive information stays secure and everyone can focus on what’s relevant to them.

Unlimited Storage

The Bizpearl platform grows with your business and specific knowledge management needs. You will never need to upgrade for more storage.

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